We are dedicated to improving organizational effectiveness through computerization, optimization and harmonization of administrative processes. Our services find their relevance especially in the preamble of an implementation of the weHoop platform.

Already, more than 100 major projects have been deliver in the areas of health, engineering and quality management.


Business analysis

Processes and information systems associated with them are essential elements of organizations. The business analysis role is to study, analyze the business domain before proposing a solution or recommendations aiming to make it more efficient or bring profits.

Process automation and optimization

Following the analysis, the new process or the solution where the needs are more complex, should be computerized. Our specialists will take care of: describing all data, organizing information and to describing and documenting your process.

System integration

Organizations manage tons of data spread across a variety of computer systems. weHoop can be integrated in various ways with your existing systems to provide quality information and to avoid rekeying errors.


  • New Product Introduction (NPI)

    What is it?

    The New Product Introduction process (NPI) is mainly executed by the sales and marketing division of an organization and is to deliver a new product as soon as possible, while maximizing profitability.

    A weHoop solution at BONDUELLE

    At , we have integrated a process designed by that gives to all those involved, the ability to share the same guidelines, the same ways of doing and communicating.

    It is now possible to monitor the NPI process in real time, get the different teams involved, eliminate errors and reduce the time to market.

  • RFP management and contractual risk analysis

    What is it?

    Tetra Tech developed a RFP management process providing a real time traceability of all requests and their approval within a clearly defined framework.

    A weHoop solution at Tetra tech

    has, following their own development and establishment of this computerized process, increased efficiency of all stakeholders at each step of the process while consolidating all the documentation created and shared between the projects team members.

  • Le parc régional Chaudière-Appalaches (PÉCA)

    What is it ?

    Le parc régional Chaudière-Appalaches (PÉCA) is managed by , an NPO and stores all the equipment made available to its customers including those of the CSSS of the region and any person resident in Chaudière-Appalaches being recognized as a disabled person within the meaning of the law.

    A weHoop solution at TSSCA

    The solution enables inventory management, equipement shipping and recovering process, service calls and billing. All in real-time.

    Result: an weekly increase of 3 to 5 clinical care hours for each of the 150 occupational therapist.

  • The Quebec Infrastructure Plan (QIP)

    What is it ?

    The Quebec Infrastructure Plan (QIP) manages all of the renovation (asset maintenance and elimination of the asset maintenance deficit) of the housing stock of the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. The PQI is over $ 17MM in assets.

    A weHoop solution at MSSS

    Infrastructure investments are substantial for the Finance department and it was essential to subject those to a rigorous monitoring process. In this project, weHoop allows real time monitoring for PQI projects, envelopes in addition to the Minister authorizations.


For more than 15 years, KIWI Technologies is dedicated to improving organizational effectiveness through computerization, optimization and harmonization of administrative processes.

weHoop, the platform we developed is a tangible expression of our vision, our expertise and our approach.

Our approach is based on convictions that direct our way of doing and being.

We believe that before the information technology, there is the human. Because in his role and responsibilities human remains essentially the point of origin and destination of all administrative process. Our technologies, as powerful as they are, are only the preferred interface to optimize and harmonize the communication between humans and systems.
It is essentially the human emerges rigor of an organization.


Optimize relations, performance and efficiency in terms of staff and customer. Harmonize the exchange in order for the information systems serve the effectiveness of the organization. Never the opposite.


Informatisation, optimization and harmonization is approach by placing the individual needs and their responsibilities at the heart of the analysis.


From rigor arises certainty, for both, the organization and the user. We believe that the certainty not only improves performance, but also job satisfaction.


Limit redundancies. Reduce the quantity and variety of information. Foster convergence and centralization of data. The simplicity facilitates the implementation, training and maintenance of systems.


The efficiency and performance of organizations go through a centralized information but accessible anywhere, anytime.


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